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7 yoga poses for stress and anxiety that really works

As the happiness is part of life, the same problems are also included in Life. Whenever something we look forward to, we get pleasure. But it does not happen every time.
We Are Talking About Stress Today, "So we have to know why it happens. 

For some days of happiness, we might have thousands of reasons, But a peak cause is enough for a lot of troubles and Anxiety for a Long time. 

These yoga exercises are not the solution of all Tensions, "But Helps you to keep calm gives relief from Anxiety, "Due to lack of urgency or Stress, for Being incomplete in any work. Even these exercises work's for Worries, and Extra Pressure on your mind 

Or personal issues that can be Ignore but you are not able to do it. Today's modern medical science has made Health Care very easy, "But we are going to introduce you Classic And Most effective Method That works almost for everyone

Let's Start With #1...

1.Sajda ( Balasana, Child's Pose ) 
Image of Yoga Pose For Stress Relief ( Balasana ) Child's Pose
7credible's Edited

Yoga's Child Position is the only exercise that gives a long relief to the brain. Frequently reduces the stress and Anxiety While Stretching Back. 

The Daily Exercise of the Child's Pose enhances the Good Nervous System and Proven Benefit for the lymphatic system. Child's Pose is the only yoga exercise you can do anywhere to Relief your mind From Stress and Anxiety.

How Child's Pose Works?
Info-Graphics: Yoga Child Pose How it Work on Different Weighted Peoples

Benefits of Child's Pose
  • Gently Stretches The Hips, Ankles, and Thighs.
  • Help's to relief from stress, anxiety, and Fatigue.
  • Help's to relief Pain from back and neck.

2. Eagle pose ( Garudasana )
how Eagle Pose Works to relief from Stress

Eagle Poses is at the 2nd number on our list, "you need Balance and Full of Concentration to Do this pose accurately and then you will feel the Magical Effects of this pose by having Long-term Relief from stress and anxiety within few seconds.

It is very powerful pose in Yoga which is perform by Adjusting shoulder waist back and knees in each other Same As Image Above. This pose required focus to Remain Balance on it then it Releases Tention, in the Shoulders, Leg and in Back.

How Eagle Pose Works?
Info-Graphics: Yoga Eagle Pose how it Works
Benefits of Eagle Pose
  • Strengthen and Stretches the Calves and Ankles.
  • Stretches Hips, Upper Back, and Shoulders.
  • Improve's Brain health and Concentration.
  • Proven increase in Sense of Balance.

3. Corpse Pose 
benefits of Corpse Pose of yoga in details

Yoga experts Say's, When the human body is in a state of comfort "Brain Can Quickly Release Tention ( Pressure ) away Through Body parts. 

Many Yoga positions have the ability to bring the body Relaxation for Some time, Which gives the brain a chance to do their job properly. Corpse Pose Take our Whole Body at the state of Deep Rest.

That slow breathing and Also Lower Blood Pressure While Quieting The Nervous system 
Some people might have been dumb to do all this because of most humans unable to being still. But we should Try this Best one.

How Corpse Pose Works?
Info-Graphics: Yoga Corpse Pose How it Works
Benefits of Corpse Pose
  • Relax the body.
  • Calm the brain and Relief from stress.
  • Reduce headaches, Fatigue, and insomnia.
  • Lower's Blood Pressure.
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4. Legs-Up-the-Wall
Image of Legs-Up-The-Wall Yoga Pose How Accurately perform

Many American Experts Recommends Leg up the Wall pose for Instant Reduction of Stress, work really efficiently, "This yoga pose enhances liver to make new blood and Renew lymph Drainage back into Heart Area.

How Legs Up the Wall pose Works?
Info-Graphics Corpse Pose How it Work on you

Benefits of Legs up the wall
  • Relieves Tired Legs and Feets.
  • Stretches Back Legs, Torsho, and back of the neck.
  • Calm The Brain.

5. Puppy Pose
Image of Yoga Puppy Pose Perfect Posture

Puppy pose is an actually modern form of Child's Pose with few variations, "Puppy pose includes much Amazing Heart Opening Effects. Many Web Journals Claimed this Pose had Amazing Capabilities of Mild Inversion.

How Puppy pose Effectively Works?
Info-Graphics: Yoga Puppy pose How it work on you

Benefits of Puppy Pose
  • Stretches The Spin and Shoulders.
  • Calm The Mind.
  • Improve Flexibility in Spine.
  • Relieves Symptoms of Chronic Stress, anxiety, and Tensions.
  • Strengthen the Arms, Hips, And Upper Back.

6. Cat Pose ( Marjaryasana )
Image: Yoga Cat and Cow Pose Perfect Position
Cat pose can easily perform by Stretching Lower back same As the image above, " Do Arching and Rounding The Back Up to 12 Time while Inhaling And Exhaling a Deep Breath With Full of Focus and All Your Stress and Anxiety will end within Few moves,

How Cat Pose Works on Different Weights?
Info-Graphics Yoga Cat pose how it works on you?

Benefits of Cat Pose
  • Creates Emotional Balance
  • Calm the Mind and relieves stress and tensions
  • Massages the organs inside belly like kidney & adrenal Glands
  • Strengthen the spine and neck
  • increase coordination

7. Dolphin Pose
Image: Yoga Dolphin Pose Guide To Perform

Dolphin Pose is a very strong position that we can overcome stress Quickly it help to ease anxiety on fingertips, This Inversion Pose can help to reduce anxiety and Helps to Quiet The Mind to keep you Relax.

this Position performed by stretching shoulders, Neck and Spine

How Dolphin pose Works?
Info-Graphics yoga Dolphin Pose How it works on you?
Benefits of Dolphin Pose
  • Stretches hamstrings, arches, and calves.
  • Strengthen your Arms and Legs.
  • Help to reduce tensions, Stress, and Anxiety
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